Samira Spatzek, M.A. (Wiss. Mitarbeiterin)

American Studies | Literary Studies | Cultural Studies
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Curriculum Vitae

  • Lecturer at the Department of Languages & Literatures, University of Bremen (2014–2015, since July 2018)
  • Dissertation Project: “Narrating Refusal: Toni Morrison’s A Mercy, Private Property, and the Subject of (Early) Modernity” (Working Title), Advisor: Prof. Dr. Sabine Broeck
  • Research Fellow, African American and Diaspora Studies, Callie House Research Center for the Study of the Global Black Cultures and Politics, Vanderbilt University (USA), Sponsor: Prof. Dr. T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting (2016)
  • M.A. American Studies, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (NL) (2011)
  • B.A. English-speaking Cultures, Linguistics, University of Bremen and University of Sheffield (UK) (2009)

Fellowships & Grants

  • April 2018: (Un)Making the Self: A Graduate Symposium. Department of English, Rice University. Houston, Texas, USA, Conference Travel Grant, Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation
  • Fall 2016: Research Fellowship for a Research Stay at Vanderbilt University, Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation
  • August 2015: International Osnabrück Summer Institute on the Cultural Study of the Law (OSI) Scholarship, M7 Promotionszentrum PLUS, University of Bremen
  • June 2015: 11th international conference of the Collegium for African American Research

Conference Travel Grant, Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation

  • 2015–2018: Doctoral Fellowship, Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation
  • March 2013: 10th international conference of the Collegium for African American Research

Conference Travel Grant, University of Bremen

  • 2008–2011: Bachelor’s and Master’s Fellowship, Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation


  • “North American Speculative Fictions Then and Now” (BA Seminar)
  • “African American Women’s Writing: Toni Morrison” (BA Seminar)
  • “Introduction to (Applying) Linguistics” (BA Tutorial)


  • African American Studies
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Narratology
  • Early American Studies


  • Spatzek, Samira. “Possessive Investments: Property and White Self-Making in Early American and Contemporary Literary Texts.” Law and Culture: Methods, Concepts, Approaches. Edited by Peter Schneck and Sabine N. Meyer. De Gruyter, Berlin and Boston, [forthcoming]. Law and Literature. [accepted]
  • Spatzek, Samira, von Gleich, Paula, Henderson, Marius, Humburg, Jasmin, Nikolova, Marriya, and Lange, Julia. COPAS: Current Objectives of Postgraduate American Studies vol. 18., no. 1, 2017.
  • With Frank B. Wilderson and Paula von Gleich. “‘The Inside-Outside of Civil Society’: An Interview with Frank B. Wilderson, III.” Black Studies Papers vol. 2, no.1, 2016, pp. 4–22.
  • Spatzek, Samira, and, von Gleich, Paula. “Meine Stadt und Versklavung? Jugendliche auf Spurensuche in Bremen.” APuZ vol. 65 no. 50–51, December 2015, pp. 41–46.
  • Spatzek, Samira. “‘Own Yourself, Woman’: Toni Morrison’s A Mercy, Early Modernity, and Property.” Black Studies Papers vol. 1, no. 1, 2014, pp. 57–71.
  • Wynter, Sylvia. “Die Kolonialität von Sein/Macht/Wahrheit/Freiheit erschüttern: Eine Streitschrift über das Menschliche.” Trans. Michel Büch and Samira Spatzek. Lateinamerikanische Kulturtheorien: Grundlagentexte. Edited by Isabel Exner, and Gudrun Rath. Konstanz Univ. Press, Konstanz, 2015.
  • “Tussen stelling en verwijzing: gender, seksualiteit en zwarte mannelijkheid tijdens de Harlem Renaissance.” Rev. of The Making of the New Negro, by Anna Pochmara. Vooys: Tijdschrift voor Letteren vol. 30, no. 3, October 2012, pp. 79–82.

(Conference) Papers

  • “Let’s Play ‘Colonization’: Video Games, Performance, and Absences of Enslavement.” Conference Paper. Playing the Field: Video Games and American Studies. An International Conference. Amerikahaus, Munich, Germany. April 26–29 2018.
  • “On Refusing to Narrate Subjective Coherence.” Conference Paper. (Un)Making the Self: A Graduate Symposium. Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA. April 6–7 2018.
  • (invited) “Kolonisierung spielen: Auf den Spuren transatlantischer Versklavung in Sid Meiers „Colonization.” Talk. Hauptaktion: Performance ›Let ́s Play Colonization — eine auto-ethnographische Recherche‹. Bremen, Germany. 25 March 2017.
  • “Interrogating the Structures of White Knowledge Productions in German American Studies.” Conference Paper. Diversity and/in the GAAS: Workshop. Munich, Germany. 21 Oct 2017.
  • “On Re-Visiting Property, Enslavement, and Kinship.” Research Presentation. African American and Diaspora Studies. Vanderbilt University. Nashville, Tennessee, USA. 2 December 2016. Introduction by Prof. Dr. Houston A. Baker.
  • ““I Am a Thing Apart”: Property in Black American Literature and Theory.” Presentation. Doktorand_innen-Seminar der Rosa-Luxemburg Stiftung zu Berlin, 25–26 August 2016. Berlin, Germany. 26 August 2016.
  • “Re-Visiting Private Property from a Post-Slavery Perspective.” Presentation. Emergent Paradigms: Current Issues and Debates in Cultural Legal Studies. 6th International Osnabrück Summer Institute on the Cultural Study of the Law (OSI). Osnabrück, Germany. 9 August 2015.
  • “White Possessive Investments: Early American & Contemporary Literary Representations of Property.” Conference Paper. Mobilising Memory: Creating African Atlantic Identities, 11th International Conference of CAAR. Liverpool, UK. 28 June 2015.
  • “Interrogating Property in the Early American Archive.” Conference Paper. The Futures of Black Studies—Historicity, Objectives and Methodologies, Ethics. Bremen, Germany. 26 April 2014.
  • “Subjectivity, Property, and Freedom in Toni Morrison’s A Mercy.” Presentation. Postgraduate Forum of the German Association for American Studies. Erlangen, Germany. 26 October 2013.
  • “Toni Morrison’s A Mercy: Challenging Early Modernity, Property, and Freedom.” Conference Presentation. Dreams Deferred, Promises and Struggles: Perceptions and Interrogations of Empire, Nation, and Society by Peoples of African Descent, 10th International Conference of CAAR. Decatur/Atlanta, USA. 13 March 2013.
  • “Toni Morrison’s A Mercy: Re-Visiting Property.” Conference Paper. Writing Slavery After Beloved: Literature, Historiography, Criticism. Nantes, France. 16 March 2012.

Organisation of Conferences & Workshops

  • Workshop: „Performative Dimensionen von Rassismus und seiner Kritik“, Doc-Netzwerk „Perspektiven“, University of Bremen (Jan 2018)
  • Co-organization of PGF (Postgraduate Forum of the German Association for American Studies) Conference, University of Hamburg, Germany (October 2016)
  • Workshop: „Performance & Anti-Blackness“, Doc-Netzwerk „Perspektiven“, University of Bremen, with Prof. Dr. Jaye Austin Williams (Bucknell University, USA) (Aug 2016)
  • with Prof. Dr. Peter Schneck (Osnabrück): Workshop “‘The Guardian of Every Other Right’: Property and/in Literature in the U.S.” Annual Conference of the German Association for American Studies. Osnabrück, Germany (May 2016)
  • Workshop: „Critical Whiteness & Empowerment im Wissenschaftsbetrieb“, Doc-Netzwerk „Perspektiven“, University of Bremen (Jan 2015)
  • with Dr. Marie-Luise Löffler and Paula von Gleich: 4th Annual Meeting of the Network for North German North American Studies (NoNeNo), University of Bremen (Nov 2015)
  • Panel Chair, “The Abolitionist Atlantic.” Mobilising Memory: Creating African Atlantic Identities, 11th International Conference of CAAR. Liverpool, UK. (2015)