Call for Papers

We invite contributions addressing the following topics:

  • The colonial context and its impact on linguistic work in contrast to Missionary Linguistics without the consideration of the colonial context, if such situations exist.
  • Missionary Linguistic analysis and political and social consequences for the languages described
  • Studies on the transcultural manifestations in linguistic description
  • Implicit and/ or explicit contrastive perspectives on the missionary linguistic studies and their theoretical implications
  • New (explicit or implicit) constructions for linguistic theory (grammatical and semantic) in the descriptions or meta-linguistic observations by missionaries or in related fields.
  • Phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics etc.

As in previous conferences of this series, other contributions on missionary linguistics are welcome as well.

The conference languages will be English, Spanish, and German

Participants please send the title of their intended presentation along with their contact data (full name, institution, mail address, title) and an abstract indicating

  • aim of the study
  • relevance
  • contextualization of the paper within linguistic or other domains
  • methods
  • data, documents
  • intended results

Abstracts (not more than 1 page) should be sent to ; ; ; by 1 of October 2011

The abstracts will be evaluated and admission will be granted depending on criteria such as innovative character, quality, and relation to the main topic of the conference.