Here you will find links to organisations of different kinds which are either connected to newleaf directly or which we think complement the work we do. The magazine operates in a number of different networks: We are part and parcel of the literary scene in Bremen, Germany, our home town. We co-operate with other magazines, locally, nationally and world-wide. We want to encourage the reading of literature by connecting interested readers to places where they can discover more. And last but not least: because of our origins, we see ourselves as part of a movement to encouragement writing at every level, including university level, and especially in Germany, where Creative Writing as an academic pursuit is still very much a Cinderella discipline.

1. Our partners

newleaf's Facebook fan page
Bremer Literaturkontor
Bremer Literaturhaus
British Council Germany
Parlement of Foules Theatre
Poetry on the Road
English Department, University of Bremen
Writers Ink Braunschweig (Daniil Pashkoff Prize)

2. Other magazines

Hard Times
Read This (Edinburgh)
Twin Peaks

3. Useful literary connections

BBC Poetry Please
BBC Open Book
BBC The Verb
The Booker Prize
Contemporary Writers UK
Guardian Poetry
Irish Writers Online
The Orange Prize
Poetry Kit
Poetry Society
Poems on the Underground
World Book Day

4. Creative Writing

BBC Get Writing
Arvon Foundation
Deutsches Literaturinstitut Leipzig
Dickinson College (US)
University of East Anglia (UK)

5. Namesakes

newleaf goes Fitnessstudio
newleaf Anger and Stress Management: just what every editor needs
newleaf as wastecontrollers
newleaf potato
newleaf gets tidy
newleaf Fresh Organic Produce from Chicago
newleaf solves all your businessproblems
newleaf salad bar (photo)
newleaf landscapes
newleaf sells fair-trade chocolate