edited by Ian Watson, Simon Makhali, and Julia Boll
c/o Simon Makhali, Universitaet Bremen,
Fachbereich 12, Postfach 330 440, 28334 Bremen

Available from the Bremer Universitätsbuchhandlung, Bibliothekstr. 3, 28359 Bremen, phone +49 (0) 421-211878, fax -217074, and Thalia Buchhaus, Hansehof, Obernstr. 44-54, 28195 Bremen, phone +49 (0) 421-168343, fax -16834400,

newleaf (ISSN 0949-6475) appears once every semester and costs only € 2. The first newleaf was published in summer 1994; Number 27 came out in December 2010. To begin with, our authors were exclusively students of English at Bremen, but since 1996 we have been spreading our nets wider, including internationally well-known poets like Sujata Bhatt, Elizabeth Burns, Noel King and Terry McDonagh and students from other universities in Germany and abroad. We aim to provide a balance: between guests and home-grown writers; between beginners and experience; between poetry and prose; between Bremen and the wider world.

As well as the copies which are sold in the Bremen area, complimentary copies of newleaf are sent to every university English department in Germany and to several of our European partner institutions. The magazine gets around, and we have already established a bit of a reputation all over Germany. Since we went on-line, this reputation has become world-wide.

newleaf needs authors

Do you think you have a readable piece of poetry or prose in your desk drawer? Then read our Submission Guidelines and send it to us at; we'll read it as conscientiously as all the others we receive, read, squabble over and — sometimes — publish.

Want to work for newleaf?

For more information on how to join, please contact Ian Watson: Tell him where your interests lie: publicity? events management? editing? graphics?