List of application domains of systems

abstracting (1)Summum
air travel (1)(no system name: Ratnaparkhi)
animal comparisons (1)Peba-II
animated interfaces (1)MNLG
answers to Yes-No questions (1)(no system name: Green-etal)
appointments (4)COMRIS Cosma DISCO VM-GECO-II
arguments (3)Advisor GEA PARDA
art history (1)Dart-bio
baseball (1)STREAK
biographies (2)Artequakt Dart-bio
biology (1)KNIGHT
business letters (2)AlethGen/La Redoute ICG
business reports (1)(no system name: Kalita-etal)
CASE models (1)PPP
Commercial (1)Project Reporter
communication systems (1)Color-X
conversational implicature (1)(no system name: Green-etal)
DB and OO descriptions (1)KISS-Lexicalizer
DB queries (1)GASPAR
description (1)IPaGe
directions (1)(no system name: Fraczak-etal)
documentation (2)CLIME IDAS
economics (1)(no system name: Simonin)
electronics (1)CORECT
environment (1)TEMSIS
explanation (8)(no system name: Mooney) CDM COMET DIAMOD EDGE EES SAGE WISHFULL-II
figure captions (1)Caption Generation System
flight information (1)(no system name: IBMflight)
football (1)GoalGetter
formal proofs (3)Expound PROVERB THINKER
formal specifications (1)VOLVEX
game commentary (1)PROTEUS
gas turbines (1)SumTime
general (7)(no system name: LFG-f) InDiGen LEXSYS MUG SEGUE SimpleNLG STAGE
geodata (2)Atlas.txt RoadSafe
healthcare (1)Anthem
homeshopping (1)XEplainer
house layouts (1)Salix
hypertext (1)ViewGen
income tax (1)BLAH
independent (12)FERGUS FUF KPML LKP Lolita MUMBLE PLNLP Polygloss RealPro SURGE TG/2 WAG
indirect answers (1)(no system name: Green-etal)
industrial (1)SumTime-Turbine
interactive MT (1)(no system name: Wilcock)
interior design (1)COMIC
job adverts (1)TREE
job descriptions (1)EXCLASS
jokes (1)JAPE
knowledge editing (1)WYSIWYM
labor market (2)LFS SEMSYN
layout and text (3)Dart-bio GeM ICONOCLAST
learning (1)ml-CINESPEAK
little red-riding hood (1)StoryBook
manuals (2)GhostWriter MOOSE
medical (19)(no system name: Paiva-style) (no system name: Wagner-med) BabyTalk GeNet GIST HealthDoc ITEX MAGIC MIGRAINE OPADE Pen&Pad Reporter PIGLIT ROIS RTPI STOP SUREGEN-2 TEXNET TIGGER TraumGen
medical diagnoses (1)Anthem
medicine (1)SumTime-Neonate
metadialog (1)SPEAK!
movie description (1)Ecran
murder mysteries (1)(no system name: Klein-mysteries)
museums (3)ILEX M-PIRO Power
music (2)(no system name: Namer) DYD
narrative (2)IDtension Suspenser
news (3)(no system name: Ishizaki) MulTex SemTex
online help (4)(no system name: Spyropoulos-etal) CogentHelp KING OWL
ontology (1)Ontogeneration
paraphrase (2)(no system name: Klein-para) Sentence Garden
patents (1)Patent Claim Expert
patient information leaflets (2)ICONOCLAST MDA
Personalised basic skills summary reports (2)GIRL SkillSum
physics (1)Horace
picture description (1)GENARO
proofs (1)P.rex
prosody generation (1)CONPAS
psychiatry (3)ELIZA ERMA Parry
recipes (3)(no system name: Moghrabi) EPICURE GCD
reservations (2)HAM-RPM SUTRA
route descriptions (4)(no system name: CziferszkyWinter) (no system name: Marciniak) Coral Kleist
scene description (3)ANTLIMA-1 COMMENTATOR NAOS
scene descriptions (1)(no system name: Abella)
simulation (1)YH
smoking cessation (1)STOP
soccer (2)MIKE SOCCER
software (2)JOYCE ModelExplainer
software tutorial (1)Mind-1.1
spatial descriptions (1)PAROLE
spatial relationships (2)HIPS SHRDLU
spoken dialogue (6)D2S LGM MTS OVIS SUNDIAL Synphonics
stock market (4)ANA COOK FRANA StockReporter
stories (6)(no system name: Klein-stories) (no system name: Klein) DEFACTO FOGS GESTER TALE-SPIN
story generation (1)MINSTREL
summaries (1)CENTRIFUSER
summary (1)Script generator of Verbmobil
tax forms (1)GIST
teaching algebra (1)WISHFUL
teaching English (1)(no system name: Carroll)
teaching French (1)SWIM
teaching geography (1)SCHOLAR
teaching syntax (2)ICICLE ILIAD
technical manuals (1)Amalgam
telecom (2)Astrogen PLANDOC
temporal connectives (2)TELOS TEMPLOG
text structuring (1)SEEC
time-series (1)TREND
tourism (1)Tiddler
tourist info (1)XIG
train inquiries (1)EFFENDI
translation (1)TBTA
transportation (1)WEBCOOP
tutoring (2)Circsum-Tutor PEA
user modelling (3)GRUNDY IMP TAILOR
weather (15)Autotext FoG ICWF IFPS IGEN MARWORDS MLWFA Multimeteo pCRU RAREAS Scribe Siren SumTime SumTime-Mousam Weathra
whisky (1)TOPCAT
wine descriptions (1)Demosthenes

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