Malta Centre


A large part of the work of the Malta Centre is concernced with publications in Maltese and about the Maltese language. The Maltese Library, situated in the rooms of the Malta Centre, is a one of the largest collections of books in Maltese outside of Malta. Additionally, the Bibliography of Maltese Linguistics tries to collect all scientific publications on the Maltese language.

The Maltese Library

Inaugurated in 2009, the Maltese Library currently hosts over 600 books in Maltese. The titles include dictionaries, children's books, fiction, non-fiction, poetry collections and scientific publications. In cooperation with the Staats- und Universitätsbiliothek Bremen we are continously expanding our collection with newly published books.

The Bibliography of Maltese Linguistics

With this project the Malta Centre tries to create a resource to facilitate scientific research on the Maltese language. As a long-term project, the bibliography is planned to develop into an exhaustive list of all scientific publications on Maltese. In a second step, the publications will be marked for language level (syntax, phonology, sociology etc.) and will be characterized with a basic keyword annotation. In addition, we are working on an intuitive and informative representation of the bibliography on these pages.