Pre-conference Workshop "Number categories"


Thursday, 3 June 2021
09:15–09:45Thomas Stolz (Universität Bremen)On the coexistence of multiple pluralization strategies - an explorative cross-linguistic survey
09:45–10:15Antje Dammel (WWU Münster) & Sebastian Kürschner (Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt)Number between gender and declension: findings from Germanic non-standard varieties
10:15–10:45Paul Widmer (Universität Marburg) & Jürg Fleischer (Universität Marburg)The pervasiveness of number agreement in Germanic and Brittonic: evidence from a diachronic parallel corpus study
10:45–11:15Coffee break
11:15–11:45Iwan Wyn Rees (Cardiff (University)Some ambiguities in the singular-plural distinction in contemporary Welsh
11:45–12:15Enlli Thomas (Bangor University)Acquiring complex plural morphology under minority language conditions: the case of Welsh
12:15–12:45Deborah Arbes (Universität Bremen)Pluralization of Loanwords in the SIARAD corpus
14:15–14:45Jessica Nieder (HHU Düsseldorf)Number marking in Maltese nouns: effects of frequency and structure
14:45–15:15Matthew Baerman (University of Surrey), Jeremy Pasquereau (University of Surrey) & Carolyn O'Meara (National Autonomous University of Mexico)Verbal number in Seri
15:15–15:45Isabel Compes (Universität zu Köln)The Marking of Plural Participants on Verbs in Beria
15:45–16:15Coffee break
16:15–16:45Silva Nurmio (University of Helsinki)The morphology of singulatives: a preliminary typology
17:15–Final discussion