Guidelines for submissions to newleaf

newleaf seeks unpublished poems, short stories, short prose impressions and travel writing. All submissions are welcome and will be read; because of pressure of work, however, we can only very occasionally give prospective authors feedback on their work.

newleaf has a very limited budget, so we are not in a position to offer cash payment for contributions. Authors will, however, receive three complimentary copies of the issue they are published in.

Apart from the length of the magazine, there are no restrictions as to style, genre, content or format. Poetry submissions should be limited to no more than six poems.

Electronic submissions, whether by email or storage medium (i.e. CD ROM), are of course welcome. If you email, please send your text as an attachment (preferably Microsoft Word) and not in the body of your mail.

We have no style sheet as such, and can easily re-format electronic texts. We would, however, ask you to follow these instructions, as they save us a lot of work:

The editors of newleaf are not responsible for lost, misplaced, or damaged submissions — unless of course we lose, misplace or damage them ourselves.

Submissions should be mailed to or posted to:
newleaf, c/o Simon Makhali, Universitaet Bremen, Fachbereich 12, Postfach 330440, 28334 Bremen, Germany.