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newleaf magazine, first published in April 1994, has its origins in the Creative Writing classes of the University of Bremen's Department of English-Speaking Cultures. While the first two editions included contributions exclusively by Bremen students, newleaf has, since 1996, published texts by international guest authors. The traditional mixture of contributions ranges from poetry and short stories to microprose and literary travel writing. Each edition contains a black-and-white flip book, designed by Oliver Chrystossek, which are becoming collectors' items. So far, the “newleaf press” series has included six books by five authors: Uche Nduka, Kirsten Steppat, Sélom Gbanou, Shawn Huelle, and Ole D. Herlyn. In addition, newleaf has published four free special edition pamphlets with short stories by Daniela Bermond, Ole D. Herlyn, Patricia T. Schultz and Karsten W.N. Kurze. Apart from the copies sold in the Bremen area, free copies of newleaf are sent to all German English Studies departments as well as libraries at home and abroad. In addition to newleaf being largely self-supporting through its sales, the magazine and book press have been generously supported by our sponsor, inlingua Business Centre Bremen, since 2001. This has, for instance, enabled newleaf to design and produce more adventurous covers. Every six months, a new issue of the magazine is launched and celebrated by the newleaf crew and their fan community in a reading accompanied by performances and live music. newleaf is published twice a year, has about 60 pages and costs € 2. The editors are Ian Watson, Simon Makhali, and Julia Boll.