The newleaf crew wish to thank Karl Heinz Wagner and Ulrich Achenbach of the computer lab in Fachbereich 10, who supported us with their patience and technical know-how. A very special Thank you! goes to David Leinhäuser, who invested a lot of time in creating the technical part of this new and much better newleaf website.
We would also like to thank all those organizations and people that have supported us in so many ways: Stefanie Höwel of höwel werbung for letting us use her office and computer to prepare new issues of the magazine, the musicians that give our launches their special touch and the Ambiente, Lagerhaus and Thalia crew that make us feel at home whenever we return to their locations to celebrate launches, Bloomsday, book publications or other readings. Furthermore, the members of the English Department that support us and all those whose names we can't give here because it would take a website of its own to name them all.
And last but definitely not least our sponsor inlingua, who have supported us so well since 2001.