English-Speaking Cultures

The Parlement of Foules – Auditions!

The Parlement of Foules is beginning work soon on the next dramatic production, which will be performed in late June 2015. Auditions will be on

Friday, 16th January at 4 p.m. (s.t.!)

in GW2 B2880


Anyone interested in taking part in the project in any way is required to attend, whether they have been in the group before or not. Those who’d like to act and haven't taken part in a Parlement of Foules production before are requested to bring a short piece from an English-language work (e.g. a monologue) to perform before the assembled gathering, to demonstrate your acting & speaking abilities with a text familiar to you (you are not required to learn your text by heart!). It is also totally possible for two people to pair up in advance and perform a dialogue together. After everyone has presented their piece, each person will be asked to do a bit of improvisation (acting and language) with someone else selected from the crowd.

If you are interested in doing non-acting work, e.g. music, make-up, costumes, stage-crew and set construction, publicity, lighting, sound, please come along as well and/or contact Michael Claridge in advance (see below).

We will discuss possible projects for the Workshop for next semester – for which practical-language credit points can be awarded! We will also agree on a date for the first read-through and casting of the text, which will be at the end of January or very early February. The meeting should be over by 7 p.m.

If you cannot make this time, please see and/or contact Michael before 16th January (office hour: Wednesdays, 2-3.45 p.m.; email (which I occasionally even read…) claridge@uni-bremen.de).