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Parlement of Foules – Hamlet

Hamlet by William Shakespeare

“Hamlet” is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare and published in 1603 in London. The play tells about Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, who struggles with his current situation: His father, the former King of Denmark, has died. And only weeks after the funeral his uncle Claudius has come to the throne and has married Hamlet’s mother Gertrude. One night, a ghost in the shape of his dead father appears to Hamlet. The ghost reveals to him that Claudius is responsible for his death. The conversation with the ghost provokes Hamlet’s desire to take revenge on his uncle for the murder of his father.

It does not remain unnoticed that something is on Hamlet’s mind. Gertrude wonders whether her remarriage with his uncle weighs upon Hamlet. Polonius, the chief counsellor of King Claudius, then discovers the feelings of love Hamlet has for Polonius’ daughter Ophelia which might be the reason for Hamlet’s odd behaviour. Meanwhile Hamlet arranges a play that should reveal if King Claudius is truly responsible for the death of his father. Claudius’ reaction to the play betrays him and his secret crime to Hamlet. But suddenly circumstances change when Hamlet accidently kills Polonius. Now Claudius is warned about the danger of getting killed by Hamlet. Therefore, Claudius decides to send Hamlet to England to escape his revengefulness. He initiates to get Hamlet killed on his way to England.

Ophelia goes mad with grief about the death of her father Polonius and is soon after found dead in a stream. Polonius’ son Laertes returns from France to find out that his father has been murdered. He wants to take revenge on Hamlet for this crime. Claudius’ attempt to get Hamlet out of the way obviously failed, since Hamlet returns alive. At Ophelia’s funeral Hamlet gets confronted with the latest events and his adversary Laertes. The two young decide to duel. Who is going to win the fight? And what happens with the cup filled with poisoned wine that is supposed to be Claudius’ second attempt to kill Hamlet? Who will survive this catastrophe and rule over Denmark?

Tickets are available direct from the theatre, and cost €12 (€8 for pupils and students).

For further information please contact Michael Claridge at claridge@uni-bremen.de [mailto:claridge@uni-bremen.de]

Schools Pack [http://www.fb10.uni-bremen.de/anglistik/kultur/pdf/Hamlet_SchoolsPack.pdf] | Flyer [http://www.fb10.uni-bremen.de/anglistik/kultur/pdf/Hamlet_Flyer.pdf] | Programme [http://www.fb10.uni-bremen.de/anglistik/kultur/pdf/Programme_Hamlet.pdf]

Performance details:

Monday, 30th June 2014 and 1st – 4th July 2014
Doors open at 6.30; performances begin at 7 p.m.

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