Morphologische Analyse von Verben


Tenses, Moods, Aspects
conc concessional (-nga-)
cond conditional (-nge-)
cons consecutive (-ka-)
curr current present (-na-)
fut future (-ta-)
hab habitual (hu-)
imp imperative (-e)
gen general present (-a-)
part participial (-ki-)
past past (-li-)
perf perfective (-me-)
subj subjunctive (-e)
supp suppositional (-ngali-)
Verbal extensions
assoc associative extension (-an-)
caus causative extension (-iz-, -ez-, -ish-, -esh-, -y-)
cont continuative extension (-t-)
conv conversive extension (-u-, -o-)
inc inceptive extension (-p-)
pass passive extension (-w-)
pos positional extension (-m-)
prep prepositional extension (-i-, -e-)
stat stative extension (-ik-, -ek-)
sp subject pronoun - numbers refer to the class
op object pronoun - numbers refer to the class
1s first person singular
2s second person singular
3s third person singular
1p first person plural
2p second person plural
3p third person plural
refl reflexive
_unmarked unmarked (default) vowel ending
endrel end relative
initneg initial negative
int-how interrogative how (-je?)
int-what interrogative what (-ni?)
int-where interrogative where (-pi?)
ms monosyllabic prop
neg negative
pl plural
redup reduplicated
rel relative