newleaf Shortcuts

Does doing something twice make it a tradition? At any rate, the newleaf shortcuts reading on March 15th, 2007. was already our second mid-semester break event at the Cafe Kurzschluss in Lahnstraße. And the turnout was not bad, particularly considering that it was holiday time and that American literary heavyweight Louis Begley was reading at the Thalia Buchhaus at the same time.

The shortcuts reading marked the newleaf debuts of Katharina Resmer, who took over the hosting duties, as well as Daniel Sipowicz and his guitar, who provided the music. Even though he usually performs in German, Dabiel Sipowitz had specifically prepared some songs in English for the event.

Four newleaf regulars presented a selection of largely humorous texts. Franziska Kreuser dazzled the audience with her short story Interview, before dashing off to attend a Bollywood dance class across the street. Henrik Schäfer not only read some of his greatest hits, but also answered the age old question, just why was the postman wearing a nightgown, when Christina opened the door for him? Ole D. Herlyn read a selection of poems and short prose pieces. Cora Buhlert presented the first chapter of her unfinished novel Prisoners of Amaymon.

Many thanks to the staff of the Cafe Kurzschluss, who not only let us use the room free of charge and kept us supplied with Becks and wine and Bionade, but even let us stick pins into their wall to hang up our flag.