Ole Dorothea Herlyn

Changing Nighthouses: a new book from newleaf press

Ole D. Herlyn's book Changing Nighthouses was launched in the Café Ambiente at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, 3rd November. The music was provided by Diana Diehl. As a special offer, customers were given a 50 cent voucher for their entrance fee which was then taken off the price of the book. It's 66 pages long, with an excellent "sand beige" cover and illustrations by Oliver Chrystossek, and consists of mostly poems but with a handful of stories, some of which you will know from previous issues of the magazine. The gorgeous closing poem is a wonderful homage to one of Ole's role models, simply entitled "Virginia". The printing of the book was made possible by a generous printing grant provided by the Bremer Literaturkontor.

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