Poems & Pints, 8 November 2006

For the third Poems & Pints reading on Wednesday, 8 November 2006, newleaf returned to one of our favourite venues, the Cafe Ambiente on Osterdeich. Strictly speaking, the Ambiente does not offer pints, but then a bottle of Becks is almost as good.

Whether it was due to the bad weather or due to Bayern Munich losing their Lederhosen to Hannover 96, the Ambiente was not quite as packed as for other newleaf readings in the past. On the positive side, there was actually room to move and breathe.

In keeping with the Poems & Pints motto, the evening started with Henrik Schäfer's aptly titled William Blake parody High Spirits, as read by Anna Zacharias, who also organized the event. Julia Scheit read a number of poems from the so-called Colour Cycle. Franziska Kreuser entertained the audience with three humourous short stories. Silke Hartmann read a number of poems as well as an excerpt from her story Blizzard. Patricia Schultz did not read a poem about vanilla flavoured cappuccino, but dazzled the audience with her comediantic talent anyway. Music was provided by newleaf regular Tim Solo (a.k.a. Tim Ingold), whose new album Suicidal Songs has just come out. The hosting duties were carried out by Michel Büch with his usual panache.