Launch newleaf 23

"The best launch ever!" was the unanimous reaction after the launch reading for newleaf 23 on 11 July 2007. Despite the fact that only few people made it through the bad weather to the new venue, the Schnürschuhtheater in the Neustadt, the atmosphere was extraordinary. Michel Büch and Anna Zacharias did a great job hosting the show with charme and ease, while the evening was framed by the fantastic performance of James Johnston and the occasional, but impressive appearance of a mysterious butler. Apart from the usual suspects, Ole D. Herlyn, Franziska Kreuser, Tatjana Pfennig, Julia Boll and Patricia Schultz, who read out beautiful texts as always, a new face was seen on stage, reading out some touching poems: Dickinson exchange student Lacey Smith. Editor Ian Watson himself presented a very funny short story by Matthew McGuire and some of the poetry that will go into his hopefully soon to be published book. As if this wasn't enough, comedy duo "Beyond Punchline" made us laugh about a - well - "reinterpretation" of popular fairytales. If you were so unlucky to miss this joyful evening, you still have the chance to read some of the prose and poetry in issue 23 of our magazine. But you should make sure to be there next time, because it will be "the VERY best launch ever"!