newleaf 18 launched

newleaf 18 was launched with a bang in the Lagerhaus, Schildstrasse, Bremen on Wednesday, 8th December. The CafĂ© Kioto on the first floor of the Lagerhaus was packed and the large audience enjoyed not only the readings by local authors Tina Richardt, Franziska Kreuser, Julia Scheit, Tatjana Pfennig, Ole D. Herlyn, Kirsten Korell, Karsten W.N. Kurze and Helle Kuhlenkamp but also readings of our North American authors Kevin Stoehr, Kirsten Mazza and Logan Kennedy by members of the newleaf crew. We were all stunned by the fantastic music of The Waterfront Project, André Feldhaus (guitar, keyboards, vocals) and Björn Groos (percussion), and the room exploded in mirth at the hiphop version of fairytales (including a character called Little Red Ride in the 'Hood) presented by comedy act Trish and Anna.