Sea Shout Night

newleaf goes nautical

newleaf was involved in the "Lange Nacht der Museen" on May 31st, 2008, when newleaf authors Cora Buhlert and Tatjana Pfennig took part in the Sea Shout Hour, a reading of maritime texts at the Hafenmuseum Speicher XI.

The Sea Shout Hour took place at midnight and provided a fitting finale to an evening of music, beer and African food, not to mention a stroll through the fascinating exhibits at the Hafenmuseum. Tatjana and Cora read nautically themed poems from newleaf. Other authors presenting their texts at the Sea Shout Hour were Andrea Cruse and Janine Lancker, while Astrid Müller read an excerpt from a play by Margarete Steffin, one of Berthold Brecht's muses.

In spite of the late hour, there was a pretty good audience turnout. For those who missed the reading, the entire Sea Shout Hour can also be heard on Radio Weser TV during the programme "Schwankungen".