Summer Session

Stories, Songs and Stanzas

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009, was the first real summer day in weeks, but that didn't stop people from flocking to the newleaf “Summer Session” reading at Café Ambiente on Osterdeich.

The “Summer Session” reading marked Alexandra Fietz' newleaf debut. Alexandra is taking over the hosting duties from newleaf's events mistress Stella Recken, who will be spending the winter semester in sunny San Diego.

The reading was opened by newleaf stalwart Ole D. Herlyn, who read three kitchen themed poems and a piece on mother-daughter talks.

Afterwards, Judith Hartai, Sarah Groß, Peter Dobbeck, Anna Helge and Lisalina Bigge, all participants of the English-department's creative-writing workshop, presented their takes on Carol Ann Duffy's poem Stealing. Since Ms. Duffy was too busy with her duties as poet laureate to present her poem, newleaf editor Ian Watson was so kind to recite it for her. By the way, Andrew Motion, Ms. Duffy's predecessor as poet laureate, is a known supporter of newleaf. Julia Boll, one third of newleaf's editorial trio, is hoping to persuade Carol Ann Duffy of newleaf's merits during the upcoming Edinburgh book festival.

Peter Dobbeck and Lisalina Bigge also reappeared after the break. Peter read his poem Waiting for the Punch Line, while Lisalina presented her poem Before Entering.

Corinna Gerhards read two poems, including one inspired by a Pieter Breughel painting. Pia Brückner, who already published a German novel entitled Linos Weg, recited her onomatopoeic poem Splosh.

Jacqueline Sprindt from the newleaf events team read her short story Brick, narrated from the point of view of the titular object. Lea Jürgens presented a poem entitled Rite of Passage and a short crime story entitled Treasure Box Case. Finally, Sarah Schoeneich read Breath of Autumn's Being, a short story about dealing with grief and loss.

The special guest of the evening, especially flown in from Scotland, was newleaf editor Julia Boll. Julia presented the beginning of a story, which will be published in an upcoming anthology by the Forrest Café in Edinburgh.

Music was provided by The Damp Walls, also known as Oliver Meyer and newleaf's very own Jens Hirschberg. The Damp Walls played four songs, including Love and death three times, which was inspired by an Elizabeth George novel.

As always, our thanks go to the management and staff of Café Ambiente, who not only let us have the room for free but also kept the beer flowing.