Crossover: Irish Folk Music and English texts

On Saturday, 23 April 2005 newleaf joined forces with the Bremen Irish folk band Northern Lights for a night of literary and musical crossover at the newly renovated Speicherbühne in Speicher XI, part of Bremen's gentrified ex-derelict port area. Where once tobacco, coffee, hemp, cotton, bananas and hairy spiders were unloaded in sacks, we were able to enjoy music and text in a former warehouse with amazing acoustics: (Soon the whole city will be one huge outdoor and indoor theme park.) The themes of the texts, inspired by Northern Lights' instrumental adaptation of traditional Irish music, were homesickness, travel and wanderlust. The organisers had promised 'typically Irish drinks' but provided Becks - actually not all that untrue, really.
For more information on Northern Lights, try this website.