Mayting Season 2007

Love was definitely in the air during the third annual newleaf "Mayting Season" reading at the Cafe Ambiente on 24 May, 2007. newleaf authors old and new presented texts dealing with the twin themes of love and sex.

newleaf stalwart Franziska Kreuser opened the reading with a selection of poems and short prose pieces. One poem, which appeared most indecent at first glance, turned out to be a love letter to the Hindi language however, proving that even grammar can be dirty.

newleaf events manager Anna Zacharias not only organised the reading, but also recited a couple of rather rude rhymes. Another newleaf staff member, sales manager Cora Buhlert, read three humorous poems. The darker side of love was represented by Katharina Resmer, who read two gothic flavoured poems, and Andrea Rick with an autobiographical text about an ex-lover.

Two newcomers to newleaf, Barbara Aissies and exchange student Lacey Smith from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania, read poems composed during the summer semester Creative Writing Workshop. Definitely not a newcomer is Ole D. Herlyn, who read a handful of short poems as well as a story which provided a rather surprising answer to the question, "Which TV programmes are best suited to masturbation?" Finally, Patricia Schulz, best known as one half of newleaf's very own comedy duo Trish and Anna, surprised everyone by reading serious poems.

The hosting duties were carried out with the usual panache by Michel Büch. Music for an appropriately romantic mood was provided by Diana Diehl and Katharina Meyer of The Alvarez Theory.

PS: newleaf does not accept any responsibility for any unintended consequences of this event occurring nine months later.