Launch newleaf goes west, 3rd March 2006

"newleaf goes west" was the motto of our reading on March 3rd, 2006. However, this does not mean that the newleaf authors gathered around a camp fire to recite cowboy ballads (and a March night would have been a bit cold for camp fires anyway). Instead, the title referred to the fact that the reading took place on the premises of the Kulturhaus Brodelpott in Walle, also known as the west end of Bremen.

This was our first reading at the Brodelpott, and both performers and audience were very impressed by the venue, a converted gym hall at the former Reformschule Schleswiger Straße. And best of all, the great people of the Kulturinitiative Brodelpott e.V. let us use the room for free.

Host Julia Scheit presented a mix of poetry and prose, old and new texts. Julia Boll read an excerpt from a longer story. Anna Zacharias read a couple of poems, including one about the fashion and styling habits of Liverpool women. Anna Reissert read a selection of her poetry. Henrik Schäfer, finally, performed a tried and tested newleaf favourite, his humurous short story "About a Frog". Music was provided by the Bremen band Frozen Statue, whose CDs were sold out within half an hour.