Launch newleaf in shorts, 16th August 2006

"newleaf in shorts" was the motto of our latest reading at the Cafe Kurzschluss in the Neustadt on August 16th, 2006. The turnout was good, even though the reading was announced on short notice and took place in the middle of the semester break as well. Which just goes to prove that Bremen students are far too busy to even think about going on holiday. The staff at the Cafe Kurzschluss was super friendly and kept us supplied with beer, bionade and tasty waffles throughout the event. In keeping with the motto, the focus of the evening was on short fiction. Ole D. Herlyn read a couple of 101s (very short prose pieces of exactly 101 words) as well as an excerpt from a longer story. Incidentally, Ole also became the first newleaf author to strip for her art, when her jacket was soaked by an unfortunate rain shower. Decency was maintained at all times, however. Julia Scheit presented a rather sad story. Silke Hartmann read the story "Envelope" from newleaf No. 19. Julia Boll read a selection of poetry and Henrik Schäfer recited a number of poems as well as a humorous short story. Music was provided by Tim Solo, who - under his birth name Tim Ingold - is also a long-time newleaf author.