Spring had Sprung

"Spring has sprung" was the motto of the newleaf reading, which took place on 17 April 2008, at the Cafe Ambiente on Osterdeich.

However, sping is refusing to spring this year, and the cold and wet weather has left many people coughing and sneezing. One of these casualties of spring happened to be newleaf events manager Anna Zacharias who unfortunately fell ill on the eve of the reading, leaving the rest of the newleaf team in momentary disarray. Get well soon, Anna, a newleaf reading just isn't the same without you.

Luckily, we were able to persuade (well, bludgeon is more like it) Michel Büch to fill in for Anna and take over the hosting duties once more, even though he has left newleaf to focus in his theatre activities. Three cheers for Michel who did a great job on very short notice.

The reading was opened by newleaf stalwart Ole D. Herlyn who read a number of poems, including a one fittingly entitled "Three poems left". Next up was Henrik Schäfer who entertained the audience with a selection of poetry as well as his ever-popular story "About a Frog" which must be the most read story in newleaf history by now. We're certain that Henrik's story is the main reason why newleaf No. 17, the issue in which "About a Frog" appeared, is completely sold out. Rounding out the evening was Patricia Schultz with some humourous erotic poems. Music was provided by another pair of newleaf regulars, Jan Ströh and his guitar. Jan played Radiohead and Oasis covers as well as original songs.

Many thanks to the great staff at the Ambiente who not only let us have the room for free and didn't bat an eyelid when we proceeded to rearrange the furniture, but also told us that we didn't have to put everything back in order, because they'd be doing it.

Photos of this and other newleaf events can be found the the newleaf Flickr album.